Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind the World Debate Forum?

  • The WDF is a community initiative, not a formal organization or company. The WDF was conceptualized by Logan, who then got the organizers of Botswana Worlds and IDEA to help run it. In 2012 Logan is organizing it with the help of the Ateneo Debate Society and IDEA, and then in April organized the first stand-alone WDF event in Delhi - in cooperation with IDEA and the Vasant Valley School.

Will there be one every year? What is the future of the WDF?
  • The plan is to run one every year at the end of the World Universities Debating Championships (the timing was chosen in order to attract as many people as possible from the competitive debate community and since the WUDC is large event that is held at the same dates every year, it makes it easier to plan the WDF). The event isn't tied to the WUDC and can move or be replicated.

Are you planning to release a journal?
  • Not at this time. We want it to be a collection of ideas and an opportunity for people to network and strengthen the community.