Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we'd like to model the forum after Ted Talks. Each presenter speaks for 20 minutes (fancy slides and graphics are optional) and after 4 presentations, we'll have a moderated discussion about the presentations or the general topic area.

How do I apply to Present?

It's quite simple really. Fill in a form and tell us what you want to talk about. Try to be as detailed possible and be sure to mention why you think people attending the forum will be interested in it - there is no limit on the number of words or media (send us a video if you like) but please do not simply forward us a paper you wrote. Also be sure to include a title and a short description we can put on the website. Finally, tell us if you think your presentation is related to Competitive Debate, Debate Education or Debate Advocacy.

We have an Advisory Committee who will help us select presentations. By sending us your presentation idea, you are agreeing to share it with the advisory committee. You learn more about this committee here.

What are we looking for?

Ideas, observations, suggestions - anything that is relevant to the debate community as a whole. We are looking for presentations within selected themes, but presentations that overlap between themes are also welcome. Here are some examples from past WDFs
    • Analysis of the impacts of a well-supported debate program, best practices for the future (a case study of the International Islamic University, Malaysia)
    • Empirical evaluation of impact of debate in the university classroom (compared to public speaking courses - a case study from Vermont University, and to reduce communication apprehension - a case study at Chung Ang University)
    • Does ESL/EFL categories help or hurt?
    • Using debate to engange controversial societal issues (the model of the Filipino Free Thinkers)
    • A debate program in Iraq - challenges of developing debate structures, cross-cultural communication (shared experiences from IDEA/NDI in Iraq).